We support those who make a living helping small business owners.

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Those who truly assist business owners should be supported.

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Great businesses should be surrounded by likeminded businesses who have a mission to positively impact and support each other.

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Businesses with quality support experience the pleasure of truly helping their ideal buyers. Helping others succeed is exciting!

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With roughly 33 million businesses in the US, there should be a great way for quality businesses to support each other.

We thrive through collaboration and community.

Become a “Who”
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How to be supported by Your Whos.


Connect with us.

We love identifying businesses who specialize in a specific field, do great work, and have a ministry mindset for assisting their ideal buyers. Simply fill out the connection form to get on our radar. 


Explore collaboration.

If your mission and vision align with ours, and what you do clearly makes sense, we want to support you. You don't even have to outsource your work to us. Together we'll identify whether we're a good fit and move forward accordingly. 


Do great work.

If supporting each other makes sense, and we're a good cultural fit, you'll be promoted as one of the "whos" that make up our community. As you acquire prospective and active clients through us, simply take great care of them.  


Achieve your vision.

The point of having a collaborative community is to help each other make a significant and positive impact. As part of our community, we'll help you achieve your goals and connect you to others who can help you scale appropriately.

Take the first step.

If you want to join a supportive community of businesses who help each other, we should connect! We promise to help small business owners succeed. If that's what you do too, let us know!
Become a “Who”


This isn't a "pay to play" type of community. There is no monetary cost. We take it upon ourselves to do the due diligence to determine whether or not the "whos" on our website are qualified to be added to it, and whether or not they should remain on it. But the expense involved for the due diligence is what we consider to be our own cost of doing business.

There are several deliverables we are very good at. First, we are great at creating low cost websites that are engineered for results. Second, we also provide SEO services and do it in a way that is both scientific and systematic. Those first two services are rather common. However, the next two services are rather uncommon. The third service we provide is digital marketing audits. These audits are in-depth assessments of a company's digital marketing presence. After reviewing what's working well and what isn't, we deliver our findings in a way that provides clear action steps. These action steps can easily be implemented into a marketing plan. Audits are NOT conducted by pushing a button in a platform like MOZ or SEMrush. Rather, we invest 7-60+ hours manually assessing a company's digital marketing. The number of hours invested is based on the scope of work. We do this through the use of our own proprietary process and framework. The fourth service we provide is buyer persona research (sometimes referred to as an avatar). As with the digital marketing audit, we have created our own process and framework for researching a buyer persona. Once the research on a buyer has been conducted, we are then able to provide clarity on messaging and marketing strategy that aligns with the goals of the business. There are some other services we can offer. But, the four listed above are where we specialize. These are the services we primarily offered prior to working exclusively as an outsourced or white labeled agency. The vast majority of our revenue comes from companies who sell one or more of the services above and then outsource their work to us.

No. A company doesn't not have to use us for fulfilling their work, in order to be promoted as one of our "whos."

No. There are some companies who have a model that includes commissions or some type of financial compensation, as a thank you for referrals received. However, we do not require this. Of course, we certainly appreciate receiving commissions or referral fees. If offered, we will accept them. However... giving us a kickback is absolutely not required.

That's a great question! We are able to see when a referral has been made to one of the "whos" that are listed on this website. Part of our protocol is to follow up with the prospective buyer. We don't necessarily do this for every prospect. But, we do this for every "who" from time to time. This gives us a way to hear about the experience from the prospect or client. Feedback received helps us maintain the quality of our community. We also request feedback from those who make up our community of "whos." We want to know how they're doing and how to better assist them. The more seriously they take their business, the more seriously we take their business. This also helps us maintain a quality community. Those who demonstrate quality will stay on our website. Those who fail to maintain quality, based on our standards and what we can observe, will be removed from the community.

No. Marketing companies are a very logical type of partner who will outsource work to us. However, we also like working with IT companies, business coaches, and other organizations that value quality marketing, business planning, and business strategy.

The most logical reasons for companies not to work with us are because they have a good reason to not provide the services we offer or because they don't need assistance with creating websites, doing SEO, conducting digital marketing audits, or doing buyer persona research.

Thank you for your interest in being considered as a "who" we can promote. To get started, simply click the "Connect Now" button. You can find this button in the menu area of this website. When you fill out the form, be sure to be as thorough as possible. This will help us with the vetting process, to ensure we only include those who do great work.

If we both determine we’re a good fit, then you’ll be added to our website and we will refer our website visitors to you. We don’t sell anyone on using you versus using someone else. That’s your responsibility, to go through the sales process. But you should expect to receive qualified prospective buyers as a result of being listed as one of our “Whos.” And the more successful we become, the more successful you will become, by extension. Ultimately; if you become a “Who” your business will gain more traction in achieving its goals. If you don’t become a “Who” you will simply continue to struggle, looking for a ministry-minded company who is both willing and capable of assisting you. Don’t wait for another opportunity to help yourself. This one is staring you in the face. Grab it now, before you get distracted, forget, and continue trying to improve without knowing how to do it.

No. We are based in the Pensacola area, and a number of the “Whos” we refer are also based in Northwest Florida. However, being in Pensacola is not a requirement. When it comes to those looking for someone who sells what you have to offer, geographic location may be a deciding factor for them. But that’s on them to decide… not on us.

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